National Arboretum (Cork Forest) Surprise Wedding - Geri and James

Geri and James had a "big" wedding planned, but decided to hold a surprise small and intimate wedding ceremony with only their parents in attendance, just two days prior.  They hatched a plan to lure them into the magical Cork Forest at the National Arboretum in Canberra under the guise of a nice walk before a family dinner.  I was a little nervous for them, but it worked. There were so many happy tears, it was a very special ceremony!

The National Arboretum in Canberra, Australia
Groom about to get married by Canberra Small Weddings
Groom holding the wedding rings in the Cork Forest, Canberra.
Parents entering the cork forest for the surprise wedding ceremony.

Geri’s dress (designed by her sister of Designs by Melanie Ford) was a 1950’s inspired piece made from silk and tulle, looked gorgeous as she walked over the hill towards her parents and husband to be, James.

The bride wears a dress made by her sister for her surprise wedding ceremony in the cork forest canberra.
Bride walking towards her groom to get married at the Cork Forest in Canberra.
Intimate wedding ceremony - Cork Forest, Canberra.
Parents watching their daughter get married in the Cork Forrest in Canberra.
Celebrant Steven Murray of Canberra Small Weddings officiating the ceremony of Geri and James
Bride and Groom exchanging rings at their surprise wedding ceremony in Canberra.
Newlywed couple holding hands in the Cork Forrest
Bride and Groom sharing their first kiss in the Cork Forest at the National Arboretum
Groom hugging mother after getting married in the National Arboretum

Steven prepared a simple but lovely ceremony in line with the couples wishes, they then moved to the nearby park bench to sit and sign the marriage certificate with each of their mother's performing the role of official witnesses.

Bride and groom together with their mums after signing the marriage certificate
Bride and groom cheers with champagne at their wedding in Canberra
Mother admiring wedding ring of new bride at National Arboretum 
Newlyweds pose for wedding photos in the Cork Forrest, Canberra.
The newlywed couple sharing a kiss in front of the cork trees at the National Aboretum
Bride and groom pose for photographs in a row of cork trees at the National Arboretum 
Bride and Groom in the Cork Forest, Canberra.

Photography coverage time: 1 Hour

Congratulations guys, thanks for allowing us to be part of your day, and our best wishes for your future together!