Weston Park Small Wedding - Mary and Shane

Mary and Shane met each other at a barbeque and so it was particularly fitting that they be married by the pond at Weston Park in front of close family and friends, followed by a relaxed barbeque lunch.  Shane was a little nervous as he waited for Mary to arrive but when he first saw her in her wedding dress as she started to walk down the hill with her father, he couldn’t stop smiling.  

These guys are such a fun couple, they laughed throughout the ceremony, enjoying every moment of it and shortly after the photo session, they surprised everyone with a high energy dance routine!  What a magical wedding!

 Groom holding the rings at a Small Wedding in Canberra
 Bride and Father walking down the aisle to be married - Western Park Canberra Wedding Photography
 Canberra Small Wedding by the ponds in Western Park
 Father giving away his daughter at a wedding in Canberra
 Small wedding by the ponds in Canberra
 Couple being married by Steven Murray of Canberra Small Weddings
 Happy couple about to be married - Canberra Small Wedding in Western Creek
 Couple signing the certificate at a Small Wedding in Weston Park, Canberra.
 Guest congratulating bride on her wedding day - Canberra Small Weddings
 A fun kissing shot at a small wedding in Canberra
 Wedding selfie - Canberra Small Weddings
 A bride holding her bouquet - Canberra Small Weddings
 Canberra small wedding - Western Park
 Couple holding hands on their wedding day - Western Park Wedding Canberra
 Bride and Groom Walking - Canberra Small Weddings - Western Park
 Wedding Photography - Western Park Canberra
 The bride hugging one of her best friends - Canberra Small Weddings
 Wedding dance routine - Canberra Small Weddings

Photography coverage time: 1 hour